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2019 party on the green sponsors!


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Pro Sponsors

Cousins Family Foundation

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Hole-in-One Sponsors


Double Eagle Sponsors

Alston & Bird

Georgia-Pacific, LLC

Shearon and Taylor Glover

Hertz Family Foundation

Kathie and Chuck Palmer

Alexandra and Alex Robertson

Rogers Electric

Turner Enterprises, Inc.

University of Georgia

Eagle Sponsors

Alice Ann and Pat Battle


The Broadfield Foundation

Centennial Holding Company, LLC


Cousins Properties

Fidelity Bank

Tim Finchem

“A friend of East Lake Foundation"

Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Pam and Rob Johnston

Onward Reserve


PNC Bank

Blair and Tripp Rackley

Robertson Foundation

Stephanie and Austin Stephens

Greer and Alex Taylor

Birdie Sponsors

Mr. Thomas D. Bell Jr.

Lane and Richard W. Courts IV

Delta Community Credit Union

Dr. & Mrs. Peter H'Doubler

Lee and Billy Espy

Boland T. Jones

Jennifer and David Kahn

Billi and Bernie Marcus

McKenney's, Inc.


Mrs. Judy Zaban Miller and Mr. Lester Miller

Doris and Jeff Muir

Kim and Tom Noonan

Regions Bank

Dianne and Steve Robinson

Dean and Bronson Smith

Susan and David Watson

YMCA of Metro Atlanta

Par Sponsors

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Alston

Donna and Bill Brown

Pam and Rick Burton

Shannon and Peter Candler

Mary Catherine and Richard Kirchgraber

Beth and Ricky Chandler

Phyllis and Tim Christian

Carol and Tom Coco

Coxe Curry & Associates

Arnethia and Andy Crocket

Mrs. Caroline Jones Davis

Susan and David Dorman

Margaret and Scott Dozier

Walter Driver

Sharon and Jim Edwards

Mr. & Mrs. Nick W. Evans

Cindy and Bill Fowler

Catherine and Mark McGahan

Mrs. Robert Griffith

Kris and Trey Hammett

Melanie and Russ Hardin

Caroline and Lem Hewes

Ann and Bob Holder


Donna and Cleve Horner

Mr. & Mrs. Neville Isdell

Jenny and Phil Jacobs

Karen and Will Jones

Jessica and Ryan Levenson

Cheryl Lomax

Marie and Steve Macadam

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Millard

Patricia and Dan Mooza

Mr. and Mrs. C.V. Nalley III

Carrie and Chad Parker

William C. Pate

Lawrence Schall and Betty Londergan

Stuart and Cameron Sherrill

Mollie and Stephen Sloan

Sue and Michael Smith

Linda and Mason Stephenson

R.E. "Ted" Turner

Waffle House Inc.

Carolyn and Cody White

Ms. Ruth W. Woodling

Nancy and Carter Yates

Lois and Danny Yates